About Us


Telecom International has been supplying electronic components to customers around the globe since 1981.

As one of the true pioneers in the industry, our 30 years of experience is second to none.

During the 1980's we helped design and implement some of the industry's first implant terminals for several franchised distributors, in order to provide faster, more efficient service.

In 1996 we were a founding member of ERAI and remain a member today.

Through all the ups and downs of the component industry, there has been one constant - Telecom International.

About the Staff

Our staff has more years of experience than just about any company of our type in the world.

Salespeople and purchasing all have 30 years of experience.

Accounting and other operations staff averages 10 years or more experience.


Telecom International operates with the highest ethical standards.

We treat our suppliers, customers and employees with dignity and respect. View our Ethical Expectations here:
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